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Jogo Reality Show: A Última Cena

Reality Show: A Última Cena

Gênero: Objetos escondidos

Novo emocionante jogo de objetos escondidos sob o título de Reality Show: Fatal Shot vai revelar todos os segredos da mostra a realidade popular e pedir-lhe para resolver o mistério também. Desvendar o misterioso assassinato que aconteceu mesmo no set. Se tornar um verdadeiro detetive e ajudar a pobre esposa do homem morto para chegar à verdade. Coletar pistas, explorar locais coloridos, resolver quebra-cabeças difícil mas fascinantes, encontrar as respostas para todas as perguntas. Download Reality Show: Fatal Shot direito agora e completamente de graça e descobrir todos os segredos!

Se precisares de ajuda para resolver um puzzle ou encontrar um objecto, podes fazer o download gratuito do nosso guia estratégico para Reality Show: A Última Cena. Consulta este guia detalhado de como deves completar todos os níveis sem perder uma única opção secreta do jogo totalmente gratuito!





From Hercule Poirot to Sherlock Holmes, private investigators and detectives represent a peculiar type of men, with high deductive powers and interesting personalities. From our childhood, we want to be like them, to explore different crimes and catch evil criminals and to save innocent victims. Nowadays, in the era in modern detectives we have a wide array of detectives to choose from and enjoy in their adventures. One excellent example of these modern detective games comes from a developing team under the name of ERS G- Studio and it seems to be very good. The name of this game is Reality Show: Fatal Shot. If you are ready for an interesting game with a lot of mysteries and clues that wait to be found, read the rest of the review! We are quite sure that you will enjoy this game if you download the free trial version, and if you like it very much, you can download the full unlimited version of this game!.. Read more

Incredibly, in this game the most important part is the story. In Reality Show: Fatal Shot, the plot goes something like this: You are given the role of an investigator in New York who has to research a murder which happened during a live show! This sounds incredible, but it is strange what people are willing to do for their place in the spotlight. Crazy as it sounds, you have to investigate all the clues, and to find out what is the secret which lies behind all this. You just have to be aware of the fact that the television rarely shows the real picture! The story in this game is cleverly told, you are kept intrigued throughout the whole game and you want to find out more!

What connects the story and the incredible gaming experience is the gameplay! The gameplay in Reality Show: Fatal Shot is a bit specific: although it looks like a hidden object game, it is not! It is actually a big mixture of puzzles and adventure elements with a lot of mini-games. Why is this convenient? Because it puts focus to the story and doesn’t let it get boring! Through various puzzles, like rotating tiles, sliding and swapping pieces of puzzles, lock picking and many others, you will get amazing in-game experience! There are some more very unique puzzles and mini-games, and you will sincerely enjoy playing them! Of course, everything that you acquire during the game is put in your inventory so that you can use afterwards. You can choose between three levels of difficulties, which can be changed during the game, but that isn’t too necessary, as the game is rather easy. Depending on the level you choose, the gaming time may span from two and a half to three and a half hours, which is quite good.

Graphics and music in Reality Show: Fatal Shot are really good, and you will enjoy in both of these. First of all, graphics are colorful, cutscenes are amazingly done and every scene is beautifully drawn. As for the music, it is not repetitive, and sound effects are not annoying, so they create a mysterious and enjoyable ambient.

On balance, one can conclude that Reality Show: Fatal Shot is an incredibly amazing detective game with many elements of puzzles and adventurous mini games, which will keep you in front of the computer screen for many hours. This is achieved by an intriguing story that features a mysterious crime, mixed with a peculiar gaming style that includes different puzzles and mini games. The atmosphere is furthermore enhanced by stunningly beautiful graphics and mystical and enjoyable music. It is a great game and you will be ensured if you play it now!