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Jogo Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper Collector's Edition

Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper Collector's Edition

Gênero: Objetos escondidos

Demonstre suas melhores habilidades de detetive e ache e salve o amor verdadeiro em jogo novo fabuloso e emocionante sob a Missão de Detetive de título: O Chinelo de cristal! Depois que o príncipe misterioso saiu de nenhuma parte e pediu você ajuda, sua vida mudou completamente. Ajude o príncipe desesperado a achar uma menina que com ele dançava na bola. Os sons familiar, não faz? Descubra o que aconteceu com esta menina e deixam dois querido reúne-se! Espere para a liberação de Missão de Detetive: O Chinelo de cristal! A vinda logo!





Ladies and gentlemen! Charles Perrault will live forever! Here you are: Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper is another take for classical fairy-tale about Cinderella. Do you remember? Let me remind you anyway. There is a poor girl in the centre of a plot. Somehow she managed to visit a grand ball, where lovely Prince fell in love with her…but in the midnight she ran away and only crystal slipper has reminded him about that charming beauty. However, our Prince is really insistent – he recruits the army of detective to find her. From this point the familiar tale gathers pace and extends as an original story. Such a wonderful game has been released by great Elephant Games. Unexpectedly, but this studio may make one marvelous game after another!.. Read more

Everyone who likes Hidden Object games will be probably glad as far as they are not standard, but innovative. You don’t need to find items from textual lists, but put needed objects to the right spot. Of course, you may think that’s too easy, but nothing of the sort! Everyone may match Prince statue with Princess’ one, but you’ll find some instances, which make you think hard, that’s for sure! This new touch refreshes the genre of Hidden object and frankly speaking I’d like it so much! The gameplay becomes more challenging, but hardcore players love it, don’t they? Just match correctly that tricky items! As soon as you’ve done your choice, you’ll have a short animation, for examples fires will glow if you light them and hares will eat carrots if you treat them. Be attentive and you’ll find common scenes also has some secrets (seek for fireside cat).

It’s worth mentioning colorful hidden object scenes are full of tiny details. Also their themes are extremely wide from cute (like sleeping puppies) to gloomy ones (it seems I see those instruments of tortures as they are here). Of course, nowadays each game of hidden object genre can’t go with mini-games, so there are a lot of them to play. As for me some of them are too easy, for example, thread untangle, but some are really challenging. It turns that dolphins have a very complicated way of life so to say…

The next feature I like in Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper is camera! You have a camera and may make any snapshots of amazing creatures you face to during your adventure (thus at the end you’ll have an album with unique pics). By the way! If you are animal-lover, you’ll like it: you may pick up different animals, which may help you. For example, a little ermine may lurk in difficult-to-reach places and bring to you some useful items! So, ladies stop promote animal-killing for furs, they have another target! 

The game has perfect voice-overs and cut-scenes. Maybe you are tired of saving the Princess theme, but anyway the path the developer take is good and qualitative one, I should say. There are no many back-tracing, the game world is quite large to be absorbed in.

Don’t rush at the beginning of the game and be sure – you’ve made right choice in the terms of game modes. Even casual one is quite hard. At least there are easier games to relax, but if you do not want play some harder it will be better to miss Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper.

All in all Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper is great Hidden Object game with immersive innovative gameplay for those who still like fairy-tales and hard-thinking! Enjoy!